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January 28, 2016


The key is nutritional balance.



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Reminded me of the two Breakfast Jack's I bought last night to have for a quick breakfast this morning. I could not locate my sandwiches just now. So I found them still in the brown paper bag in the kitchen trash can where I had misplaced them last night when I put carefully them away.

Keep a close eye on the candidate from Canada. The guy with a high opinion of New Yorkers. Watch for carefully placed pants suits.

If you are attending the Fox debate tonight, be sure not to miss Megyn Kelly's appearance. She looks like this in case you have trouble identifying her for an interview or a quickie.

Her she is, Megyn. I can post her Howard Stern interview so not to confuse.

My Breakfast Jack's were Bimbolicious despite spending the night in the trash. Dave be careful out there. Just think of Iowa as being within the city limits of Chicago.

The important thing is, it's a DIET Dr Pepper.

I never knew those were made from corn. Or is it pork?

Gimme an RC co-cola and a Moon Pie©!

me thinks *something* got into manual tomato's breakfast jacks whilst overnighting in the trash

jes sayin

Covers the basic food groups pretty well IMO.

Well, you've got your dairy group in the cheese part of the Combos. Pepperoni is kind of like bacon and they probably use eggs when they make the pretzel part. So basically it's just like bacon, eggs, and toast. Diet Dr. Pepper has caffeine. Looks like a well balanced breatfast to me.

So misunderstood.

I meant to say it looked like a well balanced breakfast not breatfast. You only eat breatfast during Lent. My apologies.

yes, clankie - *SO* misunderstood

No Cheez-Its? They're really putting the screws to the media corps.

Ligirl: The " something" that got into Manual Tomato's food is common to some of my Colorado friends. Only they have to buy the additives ahead of time. Free is always better and I'm jealous..

Huh? I've seen a mouse eat a more substantial breakfast than that. It's the most important meal of the day you know. Doctors recommend a hearty breakfast and a light dinner.

Dave needs to take much better care of himself.

That's the breakfast of champions alright.

We'd like to point out Mr. Barry never said this was his
breakfast. Any further questions should be directed to
our legal team.

race you to the restroom

it's a race to the bottom

Did you know that many parts of the caucus are edible?

dr pooper, direpoop ?

dr pooper.. he turned down harvard. he went to brown

When a blog turns to s**t, it isn't pretty. Funny, yes, but pretty, no.

Euell, you are correct in that many parts of a caucus are edible. Here in the Southwest we whack off the pricks and cook the green leafs as napolitos. Wait--those are cactus I was referring to. Never mind.

Remember the fast food drink-pairing rules:

Coke/Pepsi with red meat

Seven-up with fish

Dr. Pepper with fowl and wild game.

I guess pepperoni would count as wild pig, so you are following the gourmet guidelines.

A little known fact, I just made up, it's known that there are more nutrients in a potato skin than in a potato. You'll get more health benefit from eating the Dr. Pepper bottle than you'll get from drinking the contents. Try it with ketchup and hot sauce.

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