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January 30, 2016


Earth happened just like a Reese's peanut butter cup.

(Thanks to Dan B.)


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And I thought it was like a Tootsie Pop.

Theia? I'm sure it was Mandy.

" It means that the collision between Their and the early Earth was so violent that the two planets effectively melded together ..."

You just had to be their.

Crash of Moons was a rather bad "B" sci-fi movie of the 1950's made much better by MST3K. Interesting to know the science was actually possible.
Too bad Joel missed the Reese's analogy.

This, in reverse, opens up a whole new explanatory theory for why my socks enter the dryer as pairs and mysteriously emerge as single.

Le Petomane: Did you know that MSTK 3000 was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and they will make 12 new episodes? Go Team Crow!

As for Earth, where did Xenu escape to when the collision happened? We know Tom Cruise has been in deep space for years, but for God's sake, let's save those clams!

Great news. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was my wife's and mine favorite show. We laughed so much.

I have heard rumors to that effect. Great to actually have it happen as we all need the laughs. I hope Joel Hodgson can return with the wisecracking robots and they can get a decent venue to give them the exposure they deserve.

14 new episodes, and the entire cast will be back.

Here is the Kickstarter Link if anyone wants more information. 48,000 backers raised $5.7 million dollars. Wow.

Wow, this thread has really gotten off track...
Continuing the train wreck; I believe that there will be a completely new cast for the resurrected MST3K, and I'm stoked. The originals (except Joel) are busy with RiffTrax.

Oh, Le Petomane. Crash of Moons (S4E17) is one of my favorites.

Having come late to the MST3K party, I have a particular fondness for the second crew (ie., Mike Nelson, Pearl, et. al.)...but, knowing Best Brains, I'm confident that the new cast will be chosen with care.

My fave is "Girl With The Gold Boots," one of the better episodes after they started running out of bad sci-movies.

Thanks, Priateboy, for the Kickstarter link. Joel was in Albuquerque a couple of years ago at Comic Con and I wanted to pop over and meet him, but a wrestling match with Big C kept me home. Really glad to see this actually happen.

LOVED that show! I would actually set my alarm for 7 am on Saturday just to watch it (back in the 90s). Somebody be sure to let us know when it's starting!

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