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January 31, 2016


AK-47s to be manufactured in the Sunshine State.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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This might seem ghastly at first, but from a management point of view, the company will be hiring workers from an experienced population already familiar with the assembly, maintenance and operation of their product.

Since Florida's got plenty of lawyers and money, you should be all set.

(RIP Mr. Zevon)

My friend in Texas said they are going to be sooo jealous.

What's wrong with good ole American M-16's? Huh?

awesome, we just don't have enough deranged loons shooting up schools and shopping malls. Portland Police just arrested two known criminals 3 blocks from me who had 5 long-range hunting rifles among their possessions.
we have homeless camps full of drug-using criminals in every part of town. society as we know it, is gone. lets hope president tRump can round these hobos up....

billb: That's unfair to loons.

Don't honk at or try to pass an AK-47 doing 15 in the fast lane.

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