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January 26, 2016


NJ woman shoots man who was using her shovel to clear elderly neighbor’s driveway

"...striking him in the buttocks..."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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While walking back to his home, he was again accosted by the woman and three men, one of whom pointed a gun at the victim's head. At the woman's command, the assailant fired a single shot at the victim, striking him in the buttocks, the report said.

That's pretty bad aim.

nursecindy wants to know if it was perhaps a solid-gold shovel. Or maybe she was just a psycho.

When one aims at the head and hits the butt, it means he needs some practice time on the range. Or a better gun. Maybe a Glock 19?

Just be glad it wasn't a machete!

And I always thought people in New Jersey were kind, caring folks and full of brotherly love----No, scratch that it wasn't New Jersey, must be some other state, sorry.

We ARE kind, caring folks and we are positively frothing over with brotherly love, Le P. Now, please share that information with others before I break someone's neck.

Anything can happen in a state where they play Bruce Springsteen music in all the elevators.

MtB: and when you say 'frothing,' you mean that in the nicest, kindest way, right?

Of course; I always say that with my pinkie extended, MOTW. Some of us confuse the pinkie a lot, though.

Maybe it was Governor Christie.

Perhaps, in hindsight, my last comment could use a bit of explanation. Nothing was directed at Le P, and I apologize to him if it came across differently.

*we now resume your regular humor blog programming*

"You can have your shovel, after you pry it from my cold, stiff hands..."

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