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December 30, 2015


Leave NYE fireworks to women.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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I am deeply offended by the sexism in this article. Its true of course, but I'm offended. Is there any money I'm entitled to ?

This sounds like a good idea, until somebody dies or gets hurt.

ledud I never imagined You having a 'short fuse' . . .

if you don't want to let a woman do it then you go ahead & handle your Own rocket

*cartwheels out of the room*

Yeah, just ask Jean Pierre Paul

Hold her beer and watch this.

Yeah women just love blowing stuff up. Wait... what did I just say ?

We can still get lit, though, right?

I object! Mrs. PirateBoy admitted to me that she has (gasp!) never *ever* modified any type of firework and/or explosive device to enable it to do things the manufacturer never envisioned.

What qualifications would that give her to handle our 4th of July or New Years explosions?

Of course, I did have an uncle who once put a lit punk in his pocket, forgetting about the two strings of Black Cat firecrackers he had previously elected to store there....

Women will probably have the smarts to deploy bottle rockets in recta other than their own.

*ahem* what We have are cherry bombs

And smokin' ashcans.

Sounds more like litgirl....

Penalty flags thrown at Ligirl......especially the cartwheeling part.

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