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December 21, 2015


Granny locked in public restroom spends four days knitting scarf

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Script idea for " Castaway " sequel.

Now she clearly has the Spirit of the Blitz!

Can you imagine how an American would have reacted? And the lawsuit?

There is a couch at the indoor soccer practice facility that is comfortable and in an electronic dead zone.

I stay for practice for the sole purpose of getting 90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep. The owner has an incredible opportunity.

For a minute there I thought this was about Hillary's debate disappearance.

First of all the picture they're showing is crochet, not knitting. I do both so I know these things. Also if this had happened to me I would have used the scarf to choke the sh*t out of whoever was responsible for locking me in the bathroom for four days. At the very least I would have stabbed someone with one of my knitting needles.

Hey, she can write a book about the "four day miracle diet"....and fire the janitor!

{{ nursecindy }} I noticed the crochet needle, too.

"A town official told the Suffolk Gazette the incident highlights the hospitable design of the the new restrooms."

The the (sic) thing to keep in mind is that this woman was resourceful and did not resort to threats or violence. She is not a victim. Cheers!

I think I would love to be locked in a room with a toilet, chocolate, and one of my many unfinished craft projects . . .

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