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December 11, 2015


Pee-powered socks generate emergency electricity

(Thanks to James in NC, Jon Harris, Ralph, Alkali Bill, Gary Schroeder, Cassie Silvola, Joe in Japan, Kevin Smith and Rich Steurer)


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Just so you know, someone might misinterpret that,

Interesting ideas that people have today isn't it?

Overheard at the urinals.

"I just peed in your sock."

"Yeah, I feel emergency electricity and the wetness makes perfect sense."

Hey, if it's that or lose a toe to frostbite, I'd... Hmm, let me think.

I guess sweaty sweat socks are not that bad after all.

Electrified Socks? Does Bill Clinton know?

So if someone peed in your socks, would it be assault and battery?

As a fuel for electricity and as a stocking stuffer, I have to say I'm more used to coal.

Give pees a chance.

Favorite quote: "How do you pee in your socks?"
Well, son.
First you take off your socks.
Then you unbutton your pants.
After that, you unzip.
At that point you are ready to...

You know how the rest of that conversation goes.

During WW1 solders were issued urine activated gas masks. So what's better pissy feet or a pee soaked face?

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