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December 22, 2015


Saudi authorities close down shop selling traditional camel urine drinks… after discovering the owner had been filling the bottles with his own bodily waste

(Thanks to Michael Moyer)


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Someone could tell the difference between traditional camel urine and the guys own bodily waste?

So, camel urine, OK; human urine, shut the place down?

Glad they cleared that up.

And I have but one answer: Stay the @*#^& out of Saudi Arabia.

I suppose it's a tad easier than getting a camel to piss in glass of milk..

Exactly, Sean. I mean, who gets the job of trying to get the camels to pee into them little bottles? Minimum wage is NOT enough.

p.s. to manual tomato: Turns out camels don't eat asparagus, but camel keepers do. Little known fact there.

Starbucks Riyadh? Venti no fat soy macciato, froth the camel piss.

I think we should send a case to the Donald - might improve his disposition.

Bravo, Loudmouth!!!

But, forget about the traditional camel urine drinks...instead, what about a camel pee appletini, or a bacon-infused pee served in s stylish copper mug?

Trust me, there are plenty of upscale d-bag "pour houses" in my neck of the woods where they'd be lining up for these...

It's a "piss poor" attitude those officials have.

Funny man, shouldn't that be "piss pour"?

This is what lack of alcohol will do to a culture.

There is nothing lower than someone selling fake camel pee. How would you put a job like that on your resume?

Outtakes from a past/future movie mashup:

Capt. S: "Well, Petrocelli, looks like urine to money."

P: "Yes, and I love being rich. Would you like a drink?"

CS: "Only if the camel is organic!"

Crowd roars.

He could have just substituted Budweiser if he could have gotten his hands on any. I doubt if any of his customers would have been able to spot the difference between it and camel piss.

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