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December 29, 2015


Cow dung patties did not make this year's Gift Guide.

(Thanks to Harry Nom de Plume)


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I saw Cow Dung Patty at Woodstock.

I wonder if I plan ahead that I can get one for a Valentine's Day present

I think it qualifies for the Pantry Purchase with Prime????

But I always wonder how fresh the items are....

No one likes it sitting in the warehouse for months...

Customers who bought this also liked .... TMI! TMI!

the grass appears greener on the other side
because it's been fertilized
by bull sh!t

You want flies with that?

Hey, I thought you only wanted BAD stuff for the gift guide!

I made a few cow dung cakes and promptly destroyed my deeply held feelings of affluenza as well as any prior belief in god. Crusted up my cuticals too. And what the *hell* is that smell?

As an avid vegetable gardener, I would welcome gifs of this. Horse, and sheep also. Pretty much any herbivore excretions.

If you get the one with the GOLDEN ticket you get to go to the factory.

hey, LeDud - you mean gifs of This kind ?

*only kidding* ledud - perhaps that was a sh!tty thing to do

" people who grew up in rural areas find the peaty smell of dung fires pleasant..."

If Peaty smells so good, why not just invite him over for dinner ?

My brother is rich! I have to call him and tell him.
He is outstanding in his field!

My link generator isn't accepting this: www.amazon.com/Big-Indian-Store-Cow-Dung/dp/B0130LVIKQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451411027&sr=8-1&keywords=cow+dung+patties/

I saw the Cow Dung Patties open for the Animals in '68. Helluva show.

Comes with an ironclad no-return policy.

nobody likes a bum steer

Now we know the real reason for delivery by drone.

Scam alert: Some shitty sellers are selling elephant dung as cow dung.

We thought you should know.

dried cow patties were the main source of cooking fires for wagon trains. After weeks and weeks of cooking your meals in an open skillet over a smoldering, aromatic, pile of cow dung, the Donner party taking that shortcut was understandable.

*rattles s.b.'s cage*

c'mon judi - we're dung with this - we need more material !

Trying to start a movement, ligirl?

sorry, meanie - i'll log off

And yet suddenly there is a new post! A bow'll be appropriate.

Perfect house warming gift. A waft in the loft.

That was a beautiful video LiGirl. Did I also mention that I want to be cremated and my ashes placed in the garden ? Can't you imagine the tomatoes the following year ?

HA meanie - so i need to take a bow'll movement ?

Alimentary, my dear girl.

Damn hipster kids, and their organic raw vegan lifestyles!

Now playing: The Ballad of Cow Patty (and her moped named Flame)...

i'm with You, ledud - 'life began in a garden...'

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