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December 31, 2015


Because once you've seen it, you can't un-know it.

(Thanks a big freaking bunch to Jon Harris)


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Can one work as a V.J. spinning tunes for the neophyte?

tampon technology - can playtexting be far behind ?

I've never thought about it before, but I wonder what sex sounds like from a fetus POV? Something like an earthquake combined with heavy construction and demolition with a battering ram?

Then I guess his Johnson would be the microphone, right?

Boxed set?

...and play some "Pussey Riot".....

Loud tuba music in a crowd could be embarrassing.

"Really, it was my vagina speaker."

"Sounded more like a butt-Bose."

There's probably a lot of Wings on the playlist.

think i'd prefer something with a deep throbbing crescendo

That's after the vibrato, presumably.

i prefer an organ or pianist accompaniment



didn't mean to tinkle the ivories

This explains why I've been a Barry Manilow fan since before I was born....

The bloggers here apparently do not appreciate good music. Let me know when one of you sells 80 million albums...

Now playing: It's Just Another New Years Eve

Songs in the Key of Life.

to each his own, pirateboy, but i find manilow to be somewhat homophonic, iykwim

- he's more into 'hymns'


ligirl: Not a problem! I've seen in him concert so many times, I think I own a percentage of stock in Manilow, Inc.

I started off going to concerts by taking dates to Manilow shows while I was still in high school. This obviously had nothing to do with why I had so few second dates, right? ;) But Mrs. PirateBoy is is also as big a Fanilow (Yes, that's what we are called!) as I am, so we're both fine. :)

I, I love the colorful sounds she blares
And the way those lyrics stimulate my hair
I hear the sound of a genital probe
Passing notes through fluid with such care

I'm pickin' up intonations
She's giving me good gestation
I'm pickin' up intonations (Oom bop, bop, intonations)
She's giving me good gestation (Oom bop, bop, good gestations)
Good good good good gestation (Oom bop, bop)
She's giving me intonations (Oom bop, bop, intonations)
Good good good good gestation (Oom bop, bop)
She's giving me intonations (Oom bop, bop, intonations)

Close my eyes
It's somehow louder now
Softly smile, I think she might rewind
When I hear through the haze
The music puts me in a fetal curl

I'm kickin' up a conflagration
She's giving me stimulation
I'm pickin' up acceleration (Oom bop, bop, acceleration)
Amniotic motivation (Oom bop, bop, motivation)
Good good good good dilation (Oom bop, bop)
Embryonic machinations (Oom bop, bop, machinations)
Good good good exhalations (Oom bop, bopl)
High fidelity exhortations (Oom bop, bop, exhortations)

I don't know where but she sends me there
(Ah my, my, what a sensation)
(Ah my, my, what elations)
(Ah my, my, what)

Gotta keep those aural gyrations
A happenin' with her
Gotta keep those aural gyrations
A happenin' with her
Gotta keep those aural gyrations
A happenin'

Good good good adulation (Oom bop, bop, I'm pickin' up adulation)
It's causing a celebration (Oom bop, bop, celebration)
Whoa, whoa, whoa - circumcision? (Oom bop, bop)
She's la, la

Wah, wah, wah, wah-wah
Wah, wah-wah

breach boys

nice meanie - *1st to light new years flame* in standing-womb-only crowd

(hope you didn't hafta labor too hard on that one)

happy new year to you & yours ;)

WOW! MTB's songwriting would impress even Manilow, who many of us checking out retirement homes admire. What frightens me is the prospect of an innocent fetus being deprived of it's due, carefree, 9 months in the comforting warm, by being subjected to Justin Beiber music. I shudder to consider the consequences. Barry, save us-------

Now you can subject your progeny to umpteen zillion repetitions of the "Little Drummer Boy" before Christmas, and guarantee the birth of an atheist.

Ralph, I agree, that would make any baby come out as either an atheist or an Antichrist. You can tell the difference because an Antichrist turns your wine into water.

Wait for the video device, currently being test-marketed as "Womb with a View".

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