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December 24, 2015


Mass circumcision.

(Thanks to  Jeff Meyerson, who says he saw them open for Ozzy at Painfest '06)


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WTFBBQ is wrong with people? Talk about your traumatic experience. And that's just for the fathers.

Symbolic rape of the male. And painful. Sick, just sick.

We mutilate our male children when they're only eight days old.

When this was done to me I couldn't walk for a year.

And CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, they didn't even have a rabbi present? Ooy....

No. Not even funny. Captive boys. That's torture.

What's with all the genital mutilation?

Free. How kind of them.

I thought circumcision was a Jewish tradition, not a Catholic tradition. Why would they do it at Mass?

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