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December 23, 2015


Coyote Stopped At Airport Security Checkpoint

(Thanks to Fabian Marson, who says it left its Florida license at home.)


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Once again, the Roadrunner barely escapes.

Once again, the Road Runner (aka hot-roddicus supersonicus, aka velocitus tremenjus, aka tastyus supersonicus, aka burnius roadibus) gets away.

Call off your old tired security measures.

"It did not get through the security checkpoint, so the TSA is doing a fantastic job of stopping anybody without ID or boarding passes," he said.

So if it had had a boarding pass and ID, no problem?

Note to airport management: In the future, this might not be the guy you want making statements to the press.

It turns it the coyote was on flakka, and only thought he had an important meeting in Newark....and was late for the flight....

You don't need an ID for the baggage claim area, so why did they chase it? It was probably just looking for a piece of lost carrion luggage.

I am a transplanted Kansan that moved to 20 miles north of the Myrtle Beach airport. Locals are freaking out with the "invasion" of coyotes here. We saw coyotes almost every day in Kansas. From about 1900 to 1950 it was common to have a coyote hunt. One square mile was picked and everyone started to hunt on the perimeter and walked to the middle of that square mile. Shotguns only. Surprisingly very few accidents, but if it moved, it was shot. Good for coyote population control. Nothing more eerie than the yelps of coyotes keeping this farm kid awake at night.

So if the TSA spotted the coyote, did they use hair dye from approved 2 oz. bottles?

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