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December 22, 2015


Suspected gas leak is cooked sauerkraut

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Volunteer fire brigade "gas meters showed no sign of toxic fumes."

Oh, I'd give it about a day or two, then use the meters again. They'll find some fumes, all right.

There's a secret to preventing post sauerkraut stink. hide the can opener.

Pass the Lowenbrau.

I used to bring in sauerkraut and pork to lunch in my small office. Everyone complained when I heated it up. Almost all were of northern European dissent. (Germanic mostly). I accused them of forgetting their roots.

It was the dog, honest.

Lotta Germans in the family here. I believe this Australian news story.

We should in no way minimize the dangers of cooker sauerkraut.

I think I'd rather have the gas leak.

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