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December 17, 2015


British man performed as stripper while claiming thousands of dollars in disability benefits

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Why is it always the people you don't want to see naked?"

--nursecindy (who is nursing a broken foot)

Mental disability? Maybe he can go for the stripper clothes deduction?

Get better, nursecindy! (Were the cats to blame?)

wanderer, it might have been Reagan's Elf, Manny, who somehow broke free

GET WELL, nursecindy

hey, nursecindy - i hear there's money to be made as a disabled stripper ;)

ok, sorry - rest up, girl !

^ you Know i'm kidding - sux to be in pain, jes tryin to make ya giggle

kick yer elf off his shelf & break HIS little foot if it makes you feel any better

I have friends who call this foreplay.

I see nothing funny about this name.

Notice the cape. Lot of that going round these days.

Thanks to every one. I was chasing down a bank robber and saving lives when I broke it. Actually I got mad because I couldn't find one of my Christmas decorations in the closet. So I threw my Dust Buster which bounced off the wall and landed on my foot. I sincerely hope Santa and Manny the elf didn't hear some of the words I said. You know, I don't remember seeing a warning on the box about how a bouncing Dust Buster could break your foot. I may sue.

Any relation to Richie ? Oh wait... he was Incognito.

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