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December 28, 2015


The s.b. was walking around a park at lunch today... (later, the big orange one and a different grey one... well, let's just say trigger warning or spoiler alert or something and leave it at that...)IMG_6210


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Reminds me of those fantastic wildlife specials that Ray Harryhausen made in the 1960's.

It's MATING season for Iguanas and chameleons....

I get the feeling we're not talking lizard picnic here.

Did they argue over the penis pump?

We're off to see the lizards....

Second Best?
Superior Beast?
Susie's Brother?
Sun Beam?
Simpleton Browser?

*whispers "stealth blogerette"*

*nods knowingly*
thanks MtB!

Tell them to get s room.

Wild Kingdom at the Miami Herald. Any other geezers remember Marlon Perkins and his faithful sidekick, Jim? "Well now folks, Jim is just going to capture that rabid crocodile. Let's watch him do it!"

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