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December 28, 2015




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If anyone says "Three hour tour", run! (And stay away from Somalia).

nothing like an after Christmas sale

A "mini-Cruise"?

Just to be safe, avoid the Bermuda Triangle if you can....

Peter Pan is a real prankster at sea

I'm guessing you're not in Idaho.

I'm not sure you can appreciate Christmas when you're out at sea...with a warm sea breeze...and the lapping waves...OH NEVER MIND.


I think the sail is supposed to go up and down, not side to side.

That picture must have been taken in the west-side hemisphere.

I see that Dave's escaping that brutal Florida winter weather.

Time to fire judi

That's furled up. Luff you anyway.

We now know what floats Dave's boat...

Apparently everyone is mizzen him here.

Ugh -- need Dramamine fast

Lucky dog. I will trade ya. I am having snow sleet and freezing rain this evening. A winter storm warning out here right now. I need a cruise to Hawaii. Seriously. Have a good one Dave.

"Florida Man Defies Gravity"

That reminds me, that's exactly where I left off and need to resume watching The Posiedon Adventure...

so who's the guy in the gray shirt?

Dave has somehow defied gravity and is sideways. It makes me seasick just to look at him.

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