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December 21, 2015


Runaway reindeer causes mayhem down the high street after it was startled by a car horn and escaped from a Christmas event

(Thanks to Madeleine and Roberto)


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I saw Runaway Reindeer open for Losers With Women at NerdFest '87.

How did he miss Grandma?

My reindeer control bill will deal with that.

The key to catching a reindeer is to walk up quietly and push it over.

Or is that cow tipping.

Could someone try it and see what happens?

I saw Bjorn open for Alvin And the Chipmunks. Screwy show. And the voices were out of sync, if any cares.

Run Rudolph.

Absolutely true story from 25 years ago: The community band I'm with performed a concert on Mackinac Island, Michigan for our 25th anniversary year. No cars on Mackinac Island; all transportation is by foot, bicycle, or horse-drawn carriage. I was staying in a downtown hotel with another guy. We had just hauled our stuff up to the room when we opened the window, which looked out behind the hotel to the residential street behind. There was a carriage stopped in the street while the driver was apparently making a delivery. We called to the horse, a repeated smacking-kiss sound, just to get its attention. Turns out that was the horse's signal to move, and it took off trotting driverless down the street. Fortunately the driver was on the porch of the house, so he was able to chase it down and stop it before it went too far. My buddy and I of course hit the floor so we wouldn't be seen. I'm probably still emotionally scarred.

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