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December 28, 2015


The boat is sideways because the seas are high.


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Good. Thought it might have been the author.

Yep, seems legit.

Then quit dumping weed in the ocean, already!

Say hello to Gilligan!

stay high & dry, dave

Or Captain Nemo

is that a cockswain on the bridge ?


must be *REALLY* windy



Who's always high?

Dave must be wearing those new shoes that have suction cups on the bottom.

My neck hurts.

Now I know why pirates drink lots of rum, but it appears the parrot fell off his shoulder.

I thought maybe he was 1/4 of the way around the world.

Welcome to the Southern Latitudes, Dave!

And remember the Pirate Code: Just say "arrrgh!"

That's not how you're supposed to empty the bilge.

That is right you need a pirate outfit to wear on your ship.

That's called 'port tack'.

If you hoist the mainsail the boat might actually be able to quarter the waves instead of wallowing in them. However, that would require actual work with halyards, sheets, brass monkeys, and similar nautical gizmos. Maybe you could rotate your perspective with a margarita instead.

This does not help my seasickness.

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