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December 27, 2015




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I'd be lawn gone.

iguana need a MUCH BIGGER mulching blade

Nice kitty.

What? I gotta get stronger glasses.

Lucy looks angry.

Sorry they cut my caffiene and upped the Ibu.

Meanwhile, has anyone seen or heard from JudI?

Just asking....

Judi's busy.

Where I live, they would say these taste like chicken.

I'd like to take a moment to personally thank Jeff for that link. Wow!

News delivery lizard?

Whoozagoodboy? YOU'REagoodboy!

So who exactly is MiamiHerald? Has the server achieved sentience (and a sense of humor)?

"We come in peace."


We all need one of those on our lawn.(ha)

Belichick at the Meadowlands ?! Bwahahahaha!!!

That was such a heads-up call, no?

Slater will be hosting miss universe next year

Witness Protection Program for Slater. They'll be adding coin toss drills to this week's practices.

Usually that kind of boneheaded thing happens to the Jets, although rarely as bizarrely (more like red zone interceptions, dropped passes, or fumbles on what should be game-winning drives).

brady's gotta feel a bit


Ligirl: Marcia or Jan?

Head-Smaashed-In: Patty or Selma?

p.s. How about for New Years, we take a few of these critters, and release them in neighborhood?

Doh! The HTML brackets killed my posting...

"How about on New Years Eve, we take a few of these critters and release them in [insert name of least-favorite political candidate's name here]?"

I give up! Goodnight!

Don't blame Slater. Apparently he asked The Hoodie 3 or 4 times if he was really, really super sure he wanted to make such a bonehead call to kick the ball away.

Striking a defiant pose in the thick St. Augustine, Scooter stares down all challengers.

I saw Jurassic Lawn open for the Moody Blues in Fresno in '76.

Soon to replace the pink flamingo as THE status symbol of Florida?

Not to worry. Most Burmese/Reticulating pythons will eat these suckers.

" Journey to the Center of the Earth " casting call.

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