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December 24, 2015


Indiana Woman, 69, Stockpiled Her Urine So She Could Dump It On Neighbor's Home

(Thanks to Dave D)


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Dumping her leaves in the neighbor's yard just wasn't getting the message across.

I think she should export the "product" to Saudi Arabia - there is a high demand there for camel urine (Dave told me).

Everyone needs a hobby.

Holidays "bring out the best in people", right?

Well now if that doesn't just say Merry Christmas I don't know what does.

She should take up knitting. The best revenge is to knit someone an ugly sweater and then act hurt if you seem them and they're not wearing the sweater.

I not only set up a 'hidden' camera to catch The Jackie Van Tyle's around here, the police gang squad set up a sting operation in my front office using my security system to catch them in the act. It was cool hanging out with the tactical squad. I used my better judgment during the sting operation setup at the front desk and chose not to reveal I had weapons on the property that made their puny tactical array of guns look like pea shooters. I might not have 'actually' said, "do you think you'll get a pee doer with that pea shooter?"

Uh oh, lady, urine trouble now.

Obviously took the term "pissed off" a tad too literally...

*This* is why - the grass is Always greener on the other side

It is quite one thing to be "pissed" about something, and quite another to be "pissed on" about Something.

--Attributed to "Miss Manners"

This is quite literally peeing in the gutter...rain gutter.

She belongs in Flathead County.

Is it recycling if you give your piss another use?

Perhaps. Anyway today I'm teaching you how to make a fresh batch of Martha's Camel Urine drink, and yes, you can use Budweiser or OLympia if you don't have enough urine.

She' probably relieved now that it's all over.

Heard today:

Q. What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

A. Anyone can roast beef!

NICE POST ALL ! My favorite was the grass being greener .....classic.

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