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December 29, 2015


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today proposed banning hooters in vehicles barring those of the Governor, Patna High Court Chief Justice, fire engines and ambulances to check increasing sound pollution. 

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Soon every vehicle will have a Starbucks; why not a Hooters ?

No women drivers?

That may be overstepping things somewhat. Start with a hands-free policy.

Isn't that a Dr Seuss book..."Horton hears a Hooter" ?

Sam Drucker blew his top and had a heart attack when he misread the headline. He thought the government was going to ban Hootereville.

This is news from that fictional state of Kansas in Brownbackistan.

some women drive men to drink

i make 'em walk

I'd like to know why the Governor, the High Court Chief Justice, fire engines and ambulances should have all the fun ...

titular figureheads, meanie ?

Still racking my brain.

An area library made a point of banning parking in their lot for a nearby soccer fields. Their fear was that traffic would disrupt their patron experience. I asked one of the parents who worked for an over-the-road truck manufacturer to see if air horns could be tuned to allow rigs to pull up, play a tune, and leave before the police could arrive.

It turns out that horns in the US are tuned to F so drivers recognize an alert. Honking truly is telling people ""What the F?"

All your hooters are belong to us.

lol at ligirl making the men walk. :)


> > > > > * BLARES HOOTERS * < < < < <

The Hooters in India sell pretty good cow dung patties, I heard.

Honk if you love hooters!
Hoot if you love honkers!
Turn on the a/c if you have to!

Nice hooters, Ligirl!


*flashes high beams* at Hammond Rye

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