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December 20, 2015


Medical record shows Hitler only had one testicle

(Thanks to Kevin Smith and Harry Nom de Plume)


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His victory in the Tour de France was also later rescinded after tests show he doped.

His testicle failed to descend. So he (wanted to) bring down everybody else? Who knew?

One tentacle, huh ? I always suspected he was an alien.

Sometime you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

I know a song about this.

The song mentioned in the article, to the tune of "Colonel Bogey March":

Only had one ball,
Had two but they were small,
Had something similar,
But poor old Goering
Had no balls
At all.

Bette Midler talks about visiting Europe for the first time and how as a Jewish girl she cried when she visited Germany. She adds that in her German show, she insisted that the Germans sing along to this ditty about Hitler and says "And the shmucks did!"

had only one ball
had two but they were small
had something similar
but Goebbels
had no balls
at all

A lot of people say he had a lot of balls to do what he did...

...only one...

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