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December 31, 2015


And remember: If you must drink tonight, drink something blue.

Blue drink


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Blue drink but no blue shirt?

Don't drink and boat, Dave. Have a great one.

Later, like on the 6th, when you pull yourself together hopefully this thought may not be one you must consider, "He had control of the ship and nuffink i'kood do ‘boutit?" Be safe everyone, HNY.

dammit! i wish i was on a sailboat somewhere warm

looks like dave's doin a blue meanie... ?


have joy, barrys - thanks for all your inspiration

*rifles thru pajama pants drawer...hmmm, hello kitty? plaid?? camo-kinky??*

I think Elvis did something like that for Christmas.

Recommend changing into something bluer - the spills will be less obvious.

Happy (and safe) New Year, Blog, Blogerette, and Blogsters.

Blended Smurf Smoothie!

So now you can have the blues,

and DRINK them too? Will wonders never cease?

(I'm staying in and drinking fake sangria. it's supposed to be
sangria with no alcohol, which is probably impossible...)

A three hour cruise?

I'm still waiting to see the parrot.

I think Dave should have a raffle. The winner gets to go with him to whatever tropical New Year's paradise he chooses for the current year. He would raise millions thousands lots of money for a good cause.

After two of those, what follows must be a Blue Moon.

Happy New Year Dave. What's the blue drink. The highlight of 2015 was the Pope and not Trump or Caitlynn Jenner. Glad that's over. DWTS was awesome with Bindi Irwin. May this year 2016 be an awesome year. I wish you many more to come Dave.

That drink looks white-and-gold to me.

Happy New Year, one and all!

(psssst... judi, where are the latest kilt pics? Eager Inquiring minds wanna know!)

Unless it fell from the sky. Then probably don't drink it.

Good Vibrations, Dude.

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