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December 23, 2015


At least it's over.


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Politically speaking yes it was a bad year but personally speaking it was a good year for me health wise and also Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough won the mirrorball on DWTS. They were awesome. Never had watched this show before and thoroughly enjoyed watching the 2 of them dance.

That was an especially enjoyable read. Great is the word that comes to mind. Thanks Dave. And special thanks for not mentioning Radical Islamic Extremists, Beyoncé and Butt-puckering fear in the same sentence.

I saw MaryAnn, Ginger and James Taylor open for Tom Brady with backup group Florence Henderson and the Pips.

Great job, Dave! But do we have to go through 2016? Can't we just skip to 2020? That way, we can "see" well... (bad attempt at a joke)...

I was glad to see you were as disgruntled as I over the whole "Glenn" debacle. It was particularly irksome when they revealed that he was rescued from the zombie horde by Tom Brady...

One of the things I most look forward to every Christmas season. Rare is the writer who can literally make me laugh out loud like that. Sharpen your pencil for next year. It's election time!!! And I understand that the list of things we will be offended by is already in the works.

There's still a week left, you've jinxed it! Quick, someone put the Kardashians in suspended animation until next year. And Donald Trump until, oh, 2025 or so.

Your Ben Carson mention did me in. Hilarious.

My favorite line was Putin starting a Uber-like startup ....Tuber...with tanks.

Very nice.

Some people think the plural of symposium is "symposia". Thanks for setting them straight.

Tuber - classic. As always, truly great. Dave, can you go ahead and write the 2016 in review (in advance) so I know when to hide.

New Years resolution - make it to a Dave Barry book signing. Yes Dave, means you have to write another book.

Excellent as usual! Thanks, Dave!

For the record, there is an editor at Time named Harry McCracken


I don't know if he's related to Phil.

Yes, it was a terrible year.

You missed one: when Tom Brady won the World Series.


You missed one: when Tom Brady won the World Series Republican nomination


It ain't over till it's over

wasn't that tom brady on the cover of vanity fair...?
oh, aNother athlete with deflated balls ??


Trump exclaimed "I'm the new Tom Brady, and I am Freakin
FAntastic. Like my ego, It;s HUGE, I'm a builder and I plan to build walls around the US the US the US..."

and finally a Disney handler was called to haul off the
errand robotoid....

Hats off to the Master.

Somehow, when you look back at these Years In Review a couple years later, you come to realize that they are not so farfetched. *shudders*

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