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November 23, 2015


Mid Evil Cannon book ends

(Thanks to B'game, who says "I'd hate to see the full evil bookends.")


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*bangs head on desk, repeatedly*

I'm with B'game. I'll wait for the fully evil version.

Half of the bookends could be entered in the tactical contest

I though this was a literary note about William Conrad's character finally dying off. Imagine my surprise....!

(At least there were no cucumbers or cats involved!)

'the other has a supply of cannon balls'

cannon balls / fish fingers - who new ?

Mid Evil Cannon Bookends used to open and close for The Zombies

My friend dated a Cannon one Mid Summer. Back when.

Ok, Ok It was me. She was a pick up only and eventually would not meet somewhere Thanks.

It is my slow day, only now I realize that it was ment to be "medieval".

So did anybody find out how the book ends?

Used on Talk Like a Pie Rate Day?

I think I saw these on a Cadfael episode.

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