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November 28, 2015


Presenting the 2015 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar.

(Thanks to Nick and Madeleine)


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Ewwww, creepy taxi drivers.

2016. judi will of course be fired (jwocbf).

This is exactly why I plan on riding the subway if I ever go to NYC.



One of those guys looks like my parish priest. I may have to go church-shopping tomorrow.

Thus dies the holiday spirit.

Uber just earned a customer

A website called "Caveman Circus" is exactly where I would expect to find something like this. Looks over-the-top satire.

I'm glad I found it, actually. Thanks Dave! =^D

This looks like an open casting call for the next rendition of alien characters for Men in Black, the movie they have remade at least 3x.

Yet we all watch it every time it comes on. Why?

Don't women drive taxis in NYC?

My comment was: nice taxis

Curry & Sweat: The smell of passion.

Whadda mean. 655321? No 2 was a woman, wasn'y she?

Seriously, a compelling argument for Uber if there ever was one.

I think we'll need a DNA test to figure that one out. I admit #2 does seem to be identifying as a woman, or something....

work filter says I can't see because it is Pornography.....

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