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November 25, 2015


Phuc Dat Bich a 'HOAX'!

(Thanks to Ralph)


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In that case, phuc dat bich. With a broom handle.

Oh the Hu Man ity.

I suppose Hu Flung Poo is a hoax too.

Phoueck Bich is not a fake. Neither is Sindi Hor. I can say that and maintain self worth.


Now I have to wonder if Wun Hung Lo is our dog groomers real name.

I remember Wei Bak Wen

I was really surpried when I found out that the Korean pilots were NOT named Wee Too Lo and Ho Lee Fuk.

This story was confirmed by the usual "informed source" -- I.P. Daily.

Just another joke thought up by Sum Dum Fuc.

These people are using their real name.

This guy is really Wel Spo Ken. Nobody in the tech industry would smash him with a faceplate. And on and on, More-is-et is something to think about this Thanksgiving.

Does anyone else remember the former Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Sin?

What about Ying Tong Iddle I. Po? Or Avery Thom Deacon Harry? Or my Russian friend Bloodynear Shotitoff? Or my Indian friend Colap Singh and his North Korean cousin Cash Mai Chek. Also Sheikh Al Eg from the middle east. All of these guys are on Facebook.

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