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November 24, 2015


Russian Driver Replaces Car Tire With Log


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Myth busters already tested this, and determined it was 'plausible'.

That things almost bald,you can see the cords on it..
I tried to come up with a funnier joke but I'm stumped..

Geez how do people think up these things.

Friction + wood = fire. Must be front wheel drive.

Is there a problem, comrade officer?

Backing up with be absolutely hilarious.

James Bond did it when his car lost a wheel on a frozen lake (I forget which movie). That's enough proof of plausibility for me.

He should probably have logged all four wheels for better balance and tread wear.

It's attached with log knots.

Comment that the driver rarely hears: Nice wood.

Commercial: "Yule love the way it handles!"

stick shift, kinda jes lumbers along

That's a nice piece of ash.

What rolls down the stairs, alone or in pairs....

Kids! Now you can toast marshmallows off the back end .. mind the tailpipe.

Sure, that looks cool now, but when the snow flies he'll just have to put on the snow logs.

Cars for pirates.


My buddy's Russian mail order bride, Annasthetic, says this guy has a very small primitive brain and no testicles.

That is the type of ingenuity that won the Cold War.

He keeps the spare trunk in the trunk.

russian green tech. hopefully this quells the student activists out on campus lawns...b/c, not only is russia steadfastly *going green*, but theyre dragging woodrow wilsons namesake thru the mud.

ride softly. big stick carries YOU.

Nothing new here. I know lots of people who consider a log strapped to the roof of their car the same as having a spare tire. They don't get out much, however. Those passes to visit town unattended are difficult to come by.

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