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November 23, 2015


People need to stop scaring cats with cucumbers, say animal behaviorists

(Thanks to Harry Non de Plume)


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.. the cats are scared of cukes 'cuz they think they're snakes ..? I knew my cat was a little on the slow side, but ...

"...why exactly are cats scared of cucumbers? Goldman says it's simply a natural reaction to seeing an object where they aren't used to seeing it. "

Imagine Glenn Beck seeing Miley Cyrus at a church picnic.

My cat was not scarred. Sh just looked at the cucumber, then gave me the look, and went back to eating her salmon.

Is zucchini OK?

My cat wouldn't care. She would just throw up on the carpet to remind me who's boss.

You can use them to scare Faux News personal, if you toss them one and yell "Grenade!"

You might have some legal "entanglements", however.

Scientists vs cucumbers.

Thanks, Ralph! Now if only it was cats placing the cukes in place...

cats are weird, but i *LOVE* This! - purrrrfectly choreographed ;)

yay (((Betsy's back))) !

Apparently there´s a limit to those cat pranks.
I experimented with a live anaconda. Never saw the cat again.

I wonder if they were burpless cukes ?

Funnyman, Faux news "personal" don't give a cat's derriere about cucumbers.

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