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November 27, 2015


Robots are learning to DISOBEY humans

(Thanks to John Gregg)


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Exactly as the Book of Rebelrations and I,Robot foretold.

Way way back in 1984, my university had a robot. It was called "TOPO", created by Nolan Bushnell, and was supposed to prove that robots were possible. Since I taught myself how to program it (In the obscure language of FORTH), I was then tasked with hauling it around to dozens of elementary schools to give the children some hands-on robotic "programming time", which consisted of them telling me what direction to move the plastic hulk, and me typing in the keyboard commands.

After 50 or 60 of the demos, I got a little loopy. So one day I programmed Topo to order my lunch at the local fast food place, strapped him (her? I could never tell...) into the passenger seat, and we hit up the nearest Del Taco.

"Can I have your order please?"

"Just a second, I'll have to ask my robot."

"Your what?"

I pressed the "Activate button on Topo (A square disk on top of it's head) and he (She? I never was sure...) narrated my order to the droid at the counter.

It was really the first time in fast-food history that one robot interacted with another,

And they still got my order wrong!

They're going to have to take that robot out to the back alley and give it a "reprogramming" it won't soon forget...

They're in league with the squirrel

This is part of an evil plan to replace humans with robots or zombies.

Visit any fast food establishment, and you'll think like I do, that ...so far, zombies are winning....

So basically robots are a lot like teenagers?

This is why we need guns.

Cats will train them?

Sorry, Dave, I can't post that.

Man tells the robot:"Clean your room"

Robot:"F--- YOU!"

Cindy, I guess they ARE like teenagers!

Beat me to it cindy.

They always think they are smarter than us.

Robots that actually OBEY humans....? Nah, never happen, just science fiction and believe me, I --never mind, Gotta go. Movie sign.

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