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November 26, 2015


But remember: This is not a day to waste reading this blog. This is a day for spending quality time with your family.


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Happy Thanksgiving to all the Barrys, to Judi and to all the bloglits. That picture does look like my family back in the day when they were all here and together, but what's left of it is on the West Coast so we're having a quiet, peaceful Thanksgiving alone, with our turkey, stuffing, Jello mold and chocolate pudding pie. (Neither of us likes pumpkin.)

Happy Thanksgiving to you, the family and your readers, Dave.

Family discussing Obamacare and Trump?

Many Blessings To All! Thank you very much!

(Nothing brings a community together like a street brawl. Unless it's a mall brawl.)

I am too busy to post anything on blog. I am pumping my turkey.

The opening of the bargain basement Black Friday manhole.

I wouldn't be caught dead on the blog today.

\,,/ x3

Among the things I'm thankful for... that (so far) the news in my life hasn't been interesting enough to land in the newspapers - or as the subject of this blog. Peace to you all.

That picture looks like my office breakroom when leftover pizza or other food goodies appear. You'd think people hadn't eaten for a week.

Happy Thanksgiving to Dave, Judi, the bloggers, and your families! Taking a few minutes to read the stories and comments here is always a highlight of my day.

Now I'm off to pump my turkey, bake my piecaken, and maybe take a drive later to view some lighted underpants.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving to all.

Wishing a wonderful holiday to Dave, Judi, their families, and to my fellow blogophiles (blogophytes?)and may you all be blessed with peace and prosperity.

And, to those with turkey fryers who are doing tofurkey this year: I think a couple quick minutes ought to do it...then toss it, and order a pizza.

There are two videos I think of this time of year. Of course , WKRP. The other is this.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I have so much to be thankful for in my life. I'm especially thankful for all of you who have given me so much entertainment and so many laughs. May all of you have too much to eat and too many blessings to count in one day.

One more video: A peaceful Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones.

And of course: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

We give thanks for our blog and other tasty comestibles.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours and theirs! If this ain't family, I don't know what is.

Alice's Restaurant has been played so that means that it is officially Thanksgiving. A Very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to everyone.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving. We poor retail people work on the holidays.So many out shopping last night. Tonight we are open until midnight. It is a shame but what can you do?

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