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November 28, 2015


Customer at German sex shop which was burning to the ground around him had to be rescued by firefighters because he refused to leave until he reached the climax of Throbbin Hood

(Thanks to Madeleine)


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"Dude, let's go. There's a fire."
"I know. This movie is hot!"

Or maybe, "Guys: Inaction"


And note the (deliberately?) poor pixelization of his face in the photo.

What does one do in a "locked video cabin"? Me, I'm thinking quiet reading and income taxes.

Who pays for porn anymore? Or so I've heard.

The guy didn't want to succumb to 'premature evacuation'.

Had to be dragged from the shop as he shouted 'I paid 7.50 euros for this!'

What was George Costanza doing in Germany?

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