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November 24, 2015


Mahjong 'scandal' in Altamonte Springs

(Thanks to Richard Samuel)


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If only they had been in China...they could have turned in the 'troublemaker' to the Central Committee...and it's likely no one would have seen her again.

Not that that's a better solution, but 'troublemakers' may actually deserve what they get...???

When I travel to FL I become so nervous with fear I always start smoking again.

Someone's getting called out on the tiles.

And then Mick told Keith "Wasn't Altamont closer to the West Coast last time we played here? I mean, there were bikers and such..."

To which Keith replied, in typical Keith style "Yup."

I saw Mahjong Scandal warming up for Sting back in '86. Helluva show.

One way Mahjong is like Bingo: Mess with the players at your own risk.

I've never even heard of Mahjong. I guess I need to get my Vegas on.

LeDud. Forget Vegas. Go to any Jewish Community Center and it will be on the agenda. I married into the tribes (at least from the sidelines). I can confirm that wanderer is quite correct. You put your life at risk if you mess with the Mahjong you putz.

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