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November 30, 2015


Worst Drivers By State

(Thanks to WYSIWYG)


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Did these people even LOOK at New York?

Shocking. Florida ranks dead last in speeding? I think Dave is right - we do need a recount.

Speeding was Common among the Worst States

There's your explanation for Florida. All the biddies and geezers doing 30mph in the left lane (with the blinker on) are really a societal safety valve.

Arizona took 6th. We ranked low on drunk drivers, but high on "careless drivers".

I'm not sure i even know what that means.

Obviously self-driving cars will clear up all these problems.

I don't understand why Montana was a 'red' state. Then again, I don't understand why ANY state would be red.

I'd like to point out that Florida is #1 in careless driving.

The first week I lived in Florida, the news was filled with stories about how proud they were of a lower number of shootings on I-95, compared to the previous summer. I later came to understand that was how South Florida drivers communicate with each other. Don't know why the shootings were lower... maybe they were texting each other.

Good ol' Montana, the "Hold my beer and the steering wheel, I'm gonna try something" state.

BTW, the reason Wisconsin doesn't rank higher (worse) in drunk drivers is that if someone's no good at it, we ship them to NoDak. Less to hit out there.

Ain't no way Calif drivers is worserer than Floriduh. Jes' ain't no gol-darned way!

Well we are #1 in careless driving. Someone complained about last place in speeding. I would agree with that. In Miami, they think the speed limit signs are in Kilometers Per Hour, I think. So they go 70 KPH which is about 45 MPH in a 70 MPH zone. Either that or their cars just don't go faster than 45 (they are pretty ragged).

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