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November 24, 2015


Earth might have hairy dark matter

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Didn't Hairy Dark Matter open for Alice Cooper?

And it's probably in Australia, with all crocodiles and poisonous spiders

hairy dark matters

"The solar system might be a lot hairier than we thought.."
Especially Uranus..

Winner of the best balls contest.

Otherwise known as "my shower drain."

So NASA plans to use a huge, disposal razor to give Hairy a shave? Imagine all the conspiracy theories there will be!

"The hairs would have "kinks" in them that correspond to the transitions between the different layers of Earth."

This has all kinds of military implications. The Pentagon will now spend trillions on hair straighteners to stay ahead of the Russians and Chinese.

At first I read "Hairy Grand Mother".

Insert your "found on top of Trump's head" joke here

It's a Burma Shave kinda universe.

Not as much as there used to be back in the '70s . . .

My 2nd husband certainly did.

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