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November 24, 2015


Kickstarter campaign raises $200,000 for cat music

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Didn't Lawrence Welk already do this?

my cat did react to that music
but it is creepy music
so he can't have a copy

We're not talking cats in a kettle drum are we?

I dunno. We often keep the TV in our living room tuned to a music station that plays classical music and our cat seems to hang out there more often when the music's on. She also lays on the sofa to listen in when Mrs. wanderer is having her violin lessons.

I suppose it's a matter of cat perspective. A Justin Beiber song came on the radio a while back. My cat levitated, blew up like a porcupine and ran under the bed where she stayed for hours. Yet she seems to like classical and sleeps through Barry Manilow. When I played this music for her she hacked up a hairball. I would be very afraid to be around anyone who claims to have cats behavior figured out.

Here is a vintage 1904 recording of LePetomane's attempt at cat soothing music. It took a while for the claw marks to heal.

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