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November 24, 2015


Valet parking available at California Taco Bell

(Thanks to Ralph)


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aka grand theft auto

HA JG - that is nacho car !

Demolition Man mashed with Idiocracy.

Key adjective: "California."

Run for the border, dude.

Dude, it's an upscale shopping center that HAS a Taco Bell. "Valet parking available at California Safeway" would be just as accurate: it has one of those too.


No wonder people are sneaking across the Rio Grande.

As a former TBEOTM (Taco Bell Employee of the Month), I would have appreciated this service. It could have helped with all the stoners/drunks/customers who would pile in at 12:55 am. We closed at 1:00 am.

Guess who had to mop the restrooms ?

Poor LeDud. But congratulations on the Employee of the Month award! I once went to an upscale mall in Charlotte that offered valet parking. At the time I was driving a 15 year old Mazda that had definitely seen better days. The valet acted like it was a Cadillac and I ended up tipping him $5.00. I only had $20.00 on me so I didn't buy anything in the mall. It's hard to find anything in Nordstroms that only cost $10.00. I needed the other $5.00 for gas.

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