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November 17, 2015


Woman Battered Beau Over Sex Position Dispute

Bonus Romantic Location: Their storage unit.

(Thanks to Jeff Schneider, Al Barkafski, John Gilbert and Madeleine)


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I've never done it wearing batter but ...

We offer no position regarding sex.

It does not get more romantic than that.

Storage Wars, Florida Edition.

One persons domestic battery is another person's foreplay.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

Ahem, one person's domestic battery is usually an Everready. But I like Duracell, too.

A trash dumpster in the alley out back has been considered a romantic getaway for some time now.

Judging from her mugshot the only position I'd be interested in is me in the bedroom and her locked in the garage.

But did she herniate his dick?

"Luper was busted in August for domestic battery after she allegedly punched Vaccaro in the face, neck, and arm after he ignored her request to do laundry."

Totally justified.

Also, Storage Unit Sex opened for the Who at Leeds.

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