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October 28, 2015


Resurrecting a Set of Hundred-Year-Old Embryonic Genitals

(Thanks to Sean in Akron)


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Insert your Keith Richards/Hugh Hefner joke here.

i don't wanna 'insert' keith richards Or hugh hefner Anything genital Anywhere !

Funny, I wrote does this mean there's a new stones album coming out when I emailed this to Dave. We see hundred year old genitals and we all think of Keef.

If they can do that, think what they might do with Mr. Trump.

hasnt hugh hefner been 'resurrected' enough?

Keep your eyes (and hands) off my genital swellings!

After reading the article, I recollect it was Genital Swellings who kicked off the show. I remember because I named my bike Wild Thing. I struggled with the idea of calling it Genital Swelling.

@manual tomato - off topic, but about namer. During college years I (Russian), my roommate (Filipino) and another student from Poland established a cleaning company (janitorial) to make some money. On my advice we called it Ethnic Cleansing.

Rolling Stones was my first thought, too.There's a lot of petrified forest down there.

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