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October 31, 2015


Florida woman stripped, poured ketchup on herself at diner

(Thanks to A. Wheeler and Bill)


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It must be interesting living in Florida. Maybe they could bottle some of the water and ship it to more boring areas of the country.

Shoddy journalism - did she take the ketchup out of the fridge first?

The men who created a barrier around her - were they facing in or out?

Her boyfriend just couldn't cut the mustard.

Insert your "special sauce" joke here...or, maybe not.

'Do you want fries with that?'

was she prone or supine ?

And was it ketchup or catsup? Heinz or that other brand? And was it kosher?

We'll be back with more Battles of the Condiments on
the Romance CHannel....

Shoddy journalism, indeed. Where are the pictures?

stick her in the fridge & close the door - she's dressing



If she actually WERE prone (rather than supine) this story wouldn't make any sense. Right you are.

Perhaps you and I should take the lead to makes sense out of the contretemps between Libya and Syria. You first.

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