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October 29, 2015


Dick vet in Edinburgh in dog blood donor session first

(Thanks to funny man)


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Tourette's and copy editing don't mix.

If a Brit brings a gift, the next headline could read:

"Dog Donor brings Spotted Dick to Dick Vet."

first session donor blood dog in edinburgh in vet dick

makes more sense

ligirl? No it doesn't. Half of my family is from Scotland. I've heard worse.

It says he's a Royal Dick (vet). England apparently has alot of them out there.

The Scotch speak as though they 'ave marbles in their mouths. Either they type like they're holding marbles or their speech recognition software doesn't understand them.

We have a lot of dicks running for political office over here that need vetted.
Great editing from across the pond.

Bloodhound hound blood. Just as slow.

How about "vet school sponsors first blood-donor session for dogs"

The only thing missing is the dick.

Dick Vet Before Vet Dicks You

Yeah, someone's going to have to parse that for me.

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