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October 29, 2015


Now an Aussie school mum has taken the internet by storm with a Facebook picture of her new dress which she never realised was covered in vaginas.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

Q: What's worse than wearing your heart on your sleeve?

She never realized this, but everyone else apparently did?

Mum may need some educatin' herself!

Which explains why some Strek Trek male characters were always excited to visit Reticula 7, home of the Seven-vagina women.

"Nothing says confidence like..."

should be

"Nothing advertises availability like..."

Still better than a turnip shaped like a thingy

^ She had a c***ing plan...

perfect with a kitten heel

Aussie mum definitely needs some glasses.

Brings to mind the "Raymond" episode with Marie's sculpture.

"Does this dress make my vagina look big?"

The school admin told her to toe the line or else.

perfect to wear to a ball

what ?

Can you clean it with vinegar and water?

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