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October 27, 2015


The arresting officers, the report notes, were approached by multiple witnesses who said that Keneston had “jumped onto a Scooby Doo van that was in the middle of the park” and “proceeded to pull down his pants and expose his rear end.”

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says: "If not for those meddling kids, he'd have gotten away with it.")


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"Zoiks! Time for a Scooby snack!"

-also overheard at the arrest

Usually at this point Fred, or perhaps FredKey, would explain things to us.

Like why is 'Scooby' in the drivers seat, and why is Velma always wearing a thick sweater?

Also, yaay for the Velma photo!

$3262.00 Why that amount?

Was the perp rear-ended in jail?

"The vehicle is available for “conventions, birthdays, pick up service, special events, and ghost tours,” according to its owner’s Facebook page."

Wasn't this "event" special enough?

I hope there was no doo.

When I was in High School (Yeah, 7 miles, uphill, both directions), a "Scooby Snack" was a synonym for a hash brownie. Shaggy wasn't dumb, the dude was wasted!

Well, thank you, Funny Man!

(Pulls mask off butt; exposes other butt)

The Creeping Heinie was actually Mr. Keneston! He discovered that there was valuable bat guano in the Tunnel of Love, and wanted to scare off all the patrons so he could buy the amusement park and get access to the fertilizer rights! Good thing Scooby was driving because Velma was overheated and accidentally ran the Creeping Heinie over, exposing the plot!

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