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October 07, 2015


A new report shows that sexually active women have a much better chance of getting pregnant than those who remain abstinent, a press release from Eurekalert reports.

(Thanks to Dave Kearns, who notes: "And men who drink alcohol get drunker than those who don't.")


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Bulletin! The sun rose in the east today...

And if your parents didn't have children you won't have children either. (Adoptions don"t count.)

"Your girlfriend has fertile eyes."

I bet the scientists in charge of this study are geniuses. And have no dates this weekend.

I learned all this in HS health class from one of gym teachers.

Did these scientists skip the day at school when they passed out the books on sex?

Sometimes Republicans scare me. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don't.

I am leaning towards supporting them on one issue that they have not raised yet: Defunding scientists who clearly and unanimously can be proven to have too much time on their hands. However, it is a precarious and potentially slippery slope, so I would advise we all proceed with caution.

I know only one virgin who had a child - it was my mom.

Oh My Gosh, they just released a new study that says men that have lost their hair suffer from baldness!

Stop the presses! Get rewrite on this right away.

We'll have do redo the entire front page.

It's Nobel Prize season once again.

Is this the same brain trust whose "Studies show that women using contraceptives consider pregnancy more unwanted than wanted"?

the big bang theory sounds different than i remember.

Anyone know if the end of the world is still happening today 'cause I can't decide whether to freeze last night's leftovers or just nuke it for this evening?

You've been abstinent and you're pregnant? I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Yeah Jan, I think its still on.

Back when I was in College, I met a lot of women who abstained from sex. Now I know this study has been going on for years. Many years, actually.

Read the actual release. There's a lot more to it.


"Research from Indiana University has found that sexual activity triggers physiological changes in the body that increase a woman's chances of getting pregnant, even outside the window of ovulation."

If you have more sex, it changes your immune system, which, in turn, makes it more likely you'll conceive.

do you suppose there's a connection with this story from a couple weeks ago?

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