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October 29, 2015


You probably don't want to know.

Advisory: Really, you probably don't.

(Thanks to John Mayson and Unholy Slacker)


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And here I thought twerking was stupid.

Scroto bomb..

I guess it depends on how much of the landscape is blocked out, IYKWIM.

i prefer pictures without the *flash*, thank you

Can boobscaping be far behind?

Southie Selfie. Weiner with scenery.

Seems awkward. How do you avoid getting your dick in the shot?

Although I guess it wouldn't be a problem in colder climates.

'course if a guy has a tripod it might get in the way


*psyche* mike!

the use of a friend when needed

Honey, come here for a second.

that might lead to over-saturation, layzeeboy

Hold my d!*k and watch this

How did this happen in the first place? Some guy was confronted with beautiful scenery and his first thought was, "This could only look better if there were some big harry balls hanging there." Somehow I don't think there is a "girlfriend" in this scenario.

Dave was right. I really didn't want to know.

poker - it'll cost extra for an enlargement

That's nuts

There's just way too much of everything in this world.

Shows too much skin yet hides the focal points. What?

I'm just glad these guys aren't into group shots.

I see trees of green, furry things too
I see them bloom too much, and so do you
And I think to myself, Sam's post is so very true
Oh yeah.

Free as the breeze 'tween the knees.

just hanging out at .........

♪ sometimes you feel like a nut

If you are extra creative I bet you could get those in a shot with Uranus..

lol sean - probably get a glimpse of a full moon on that one

burn the negatives! burn the forest!! oh god, burn everything

"i always thought you were crazy, but now i can see you're (not your) nuts."

thank you, thank you.

Too bad you cannot un-see thing you have seen.

Ligirl? My tripod is a professional model, thank you very much. Heavy, sturdy, with a smooth pan/tilt head for use in low-light conditions.

Oh, that's not the tripod you are referring to?

Well, nuts!

That takes balls. (Somebody had to say it.)

It was enough for me to hover and read the link in my status bar.

I did not click and it seems I made the right choice.

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