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October 30, 2015


Man adopts two displaced parakeets, now has 4,000 of them

(Thanks to Madeleine)


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And you though only hamsters and gerbils were "fast reproducers!" BWahahaha!

Parakeets - budgerigar or budgie - live up to 12-15 years. So this flock will only get larger.

Did anyone else read this at the bottom of the article?
About the author
Inigo is a writer and graphic designer from Manila, Philippines. He is a soldier of love who will carry you on his strong back of awesomeness when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

These birds are native to the area; I suspect most of the 4000 are not the progeny of the original pair. They are not budgies; but are actually a small parrot, have established feral populations in Europe and the U.S, and can live for 30 years. Polly want a visa?


What the flock.

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