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October 31, 2015


An investigation published this week by a student newspaper at Ryerson University showed the floors housing the president's office and other administrative departments got two-ply toilet paper, while students received one-ply.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Don;t squeeze the president. He;s a bear and not like the cartoon bear in that two-ply commercial....

This is exactly what triggered the French Revolution.

This is a wipe-wash!

I confess, with this one, the only word that even registered with me was "Ryerson." That's the maiden name of a chatacter in William Castle's cult classic The Tingler starring Vincent Price. Awesome Halloween film, if you dig a monster movie that's both intentionally and unintentionally hilarious in equal measures.

Okay, I owe you a relevant comment. Lemme go back and read that headline again.

All right. Um...

What does a floor need with toilet paper anyway?

Hope that wasn't too thick. Just trying to ply my non-trade here. Great Scott, I'm on a roll. They're really unspooling now. Okay, I'd better quilt while I'm behind.

In Soviet Russia we didn't even have toilet paper. We had to use cardboard. For Party members we had glass-paper.

If this had happened at Ball State University...

The better attitude is to acknowledge that the Administration is more full of ...merde than the students.

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