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October 28, 2015


WANTED: Massive $2.7B Surveillance Blimp Adrift Over Pennsylvania

(Thanks to Jay Brandes, Janice Gelb and Dave Emery)

UPDATE: The blimp has been captured.


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Shouldn't Chris Christie be in Colorado tonight?

France etc., etc.

Ok, how exactly does one spend $2.7 billion on a freakin' BLIMP? We build rocket ships for less than that.

@padraig - my hunch is that the cost has more to do with the cost of the payload (radar equipment). Average in the cost of scrambling a couple F-16s (scrambling costs extra), and that could drive the price up.

More on 'Moored Balloons' here

Must sure be a lot of $900 toilet seats on that thing.

Oh sure a blimp named WOlf has been captured, but that other wolf- Blitzer --is allowed to run loose on CNN?

Great. Kill the F22. Spend it on the newest Hindenburg class fighter. Who's smoking grass in DC and in what century?

I bet the squirrels were involved in this.

"The military took no kinetic action to bring it to the ground,"

As in shooting it down?

It passed about 15 miles south of my house. It was dragging a 6,000 foot tether over power lines. My power was out for a while.

Tom Brady was ready to bring it down if it needed to be deflated.

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