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September 22, 2015


Naked clown activists issue apology to Palestinians after protesting at wall separating Israel with West Bank


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"Naked clown idiots apologize to the people they were supposedly trying to help" might be a more accurate header.

Clown activists?

Didn't Naked Clown Activists open for Devo at Douchefest '89?

Netanyahu blamed Iran stating, "Clowns, they don't who they are messing with." He then called for restraint where bombing Iran's nuclear reactor were concerned. It's too deep underground and it would just give Iran's government another million rocks to throw at the adulterers.

Thanks (Hugs and X's).

I noticed that guys have an easier time of it than the lady.

noticed that too, ledud - they just have to juggle their balls

Yeah, Jeff. I saw that show too.

Are you trying to say all activists are clowns or all clowns are activist?

I would agree somewhat with the former. Not with the latter. However, all clowns are creepy. With or without makeup.

Was that Judi I saw booking an overseas ticket?

wow... an article about a wall and a clown, and it isnt about donald trump

*stands on top of home depot ladder (above 'DANGER DO NOT STAND ON OR ABOVE THIS STEP' label) to APPLAUD direpoop* !

* falls *

;) ligirl

I hope you're all happy. My first thought was the guys could have used the red noses on another part of their anatomy, iykwim. I never had thoughts like that until I joined this group.

nursecindy: say hello to krusty the clown

Glossy of the other party debate.

bleh, that last comment by me is just too stupid. how do you delete these things? ugh, it cant be unsent

now i feel like deleting that last-last comment too...alright goodnight people!

Didn't some Bozo call for Palenstine To "tear down that wall"?

Wait...another clown wants to build a wall?

It's obvious clowns are aligned with money from both the
demolition and concrete industries....

Difference between THESE clowns and all the other international idiot ignoramuses protesting Israel's anti-suicide bomber wall: the other clowns have clothes on.

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