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September 22, 2015


Selfie-related deaths outnumber shark attack deaths in 2015

(Thanks to Jon Harris, coscolo and Al Barkafski)


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As we speak, someone is posting a selfie of him/herself next to a shark.


Ever been to a party that had little hors d'oeuvres on toothpicks? When you take a selfie with a shark, using a selfie stick, that's exactly how they see you. Just another little hors d'oeuvre. btw, I had look up how to spell hores, horderve that French word.

Selfies with sharks should be encouraged; also with grizzly bears and wood chippers.

This message has been brought to you by The Society fot a Cleaner Gene Pool.

By coincidence they had a poor 12 year old boy bitten by a shark in Florida yesterday.

No word on whether a selfie was involved.

Is this smarter/dumber that the guy who took a selfie with a rattlesnake ? I'm undecided.

I like the SELFANADO concept. Should be directed by M. Night Shamadamadanan.

..youre supposed to GoPro your sharknados!

Cell phones have sharp teeth.

what's it all about: 'selfies' ?
is it just for the moment we live ?

lol ligirl. yes, i agree completely

Or not. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2015/09/22/no-selfies-have-not-killed-more-people-than-sharks-thats-ridiculous/

Uh... I have read this twice and I am still not sure if this is a reprint of an article from "The Onion" or "Cracked" or the real thing. The line between reality and satire grows ever thinner.
I can see banning this at a running of bulls, or even a waddling of particularly energetic geese (although if it were me, I would rather have a contest for "Best Death Selfie" to weed out the imbeciles that would do this from the gene pool), but who is being saved by banning this at Comic-Con?? "A Trekker was trampled to death today while taking a selfie with a Klingon cosplayer in a low-cut leather dress during a stampede of Browncoats trying to get to a last-minute 'Firefly' panel" I feel safer already.

Darwinism: Always there when we need it.

Do not ask for whom the shutter closes. It closes for thee.

--Willie Shakespeare's SelfieStick Emporiumm

RIP Yogi Berra

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it"

We won't . . .


An easy way to remember is that 'hors d'combat' means Kardashian sisters with rifles.

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